The Hidden Agenda: The Key To Winning

The power of poetry is amazing.  I wrote a free verse of how I define hate. Hate is born from fear.  Fear: we are scared to act on our fears. Bigotry: We can’t act on our fears, so we can  condemn hate and we remain silent.  Deplorable: Deplorable people will hate others for who they are. They need to be strongly condemned but we fear bigotry and we can’t act Deplorably. My idea of Hate: Fear is the Center, Deplorables  are the outer part and Bigotry is in the Middle. We can’t let hate rule our lives. If we come together, put aside our differences, America will be a Greater Nation. It will be a Nation that works together for the greater good.

Get over it, he won,
he won’t ban our guns,
Only Muslims.
Bigotry feeds Hate,
when it takes the light away,
Not okay!
With loyalty,
for this mans mentality!
The unrealistic American Dream,
The poison fed to Society.
But those who side with me,
Protest to prevent the ,
End of society,
Have Hope and Positivity,
That is the key to Winning.

“U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!,
No Rights for the Minorities,
Things will go Greatly,
For the 1% known as the wealthy.
High Premiums for the Unhealthy,
Unemployed Population.
Conduct investigations
Into The Hillary Foundation,
Remove Funds for Education,
and Deportation,
for the Illegal Immigration.”
Fear strengthens Hate,
it keeps you up late,
fretting about your low payment rate,
will you situate,
or be placed in a Financial Situation,
trying to cover your preexisting condition, fall victim of discrimination?
Will your children receive coverage for vaccines, to advert hospital visitations? And the loss of valuable education,
required for graduation?
The explanation about discrimination,
to your child, whose best friend was faced with deportation?
Due to the
of an African American Inspiration,
Who became President, his dreams and accomplished are being tarnished,
and twisted into a reality,

The Hypocrisy,

When A kneeling Football Prodigy,

Protested Creativity,

For Police Brutality.

Colin Kapernick,

Was Deemed
Full of Disrespect,
“Put your hand where your heart is, Stop Being Unpatriotic.
Deplorability aids Hate,
Kapernick protests,
Discrimination and Oppression of The Unjustified Killings Of African Americans,
by kneeling, for The Anthem,

Refusing to stand, to honor the Innocent Murdered Victims, by the hands of the policemen,

Expressing Freedom Of Speech,

Black Lives Matter,

March for Peace

It would be selfish on my part to look the other way,

He shouldn’t have to say

that racism is alive and well today. this is Without the riot squad and passé
yet, people are  in dismay?
It’s Deplorable of you to be that way, to start hating, jersey burning,
when most are at home sitting,
when the Anthem plays.
You should be ashamed,
By throwing shade,
Over a Football game

The outrages are faked,
Very Well Played,

But Living In The USA,

he exercised his First Amendment, but the Deplorability percentage started attacking,
While We Saw The
your consistency,
and capability ,

of The Real American Dream.
A poison fed into Society.
But those who stand with me,
Protest Creatively,,
With Hope and Positivity,
That is the key to winning.

Hate is formed from Deplorability,  Fear, and Bigotry, To commit atrocities, such as Domestic Terrorism, known as Mass Shootings in Church’s, Schools, and Movie Theaters.

Hate aimed towards the Diversity of Humanity. Hate is hidden behind four words:
“Make America Great Again”

recited by the disturbing, live and well racism,
that vision a different Dream,

led by a billionaire who supplies the poison with lies into Society.

But those who stand beside me,

Protest for Unity, Morality, Diversity America is the Land of the Free,
a Land of Opportunity.
This is the key to winning.

What is your definition of Hate? Is Unity stronger than Hate?

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