Make America Gasp Again

This guy just keeps getting crazier by the day. He keeps talking about Obama’s Administration. One thing Mr. “So called President” Trump: The mess you’re in is your fault. You keep running your big mouth to other countries and getting yourself in trouble. You can’t even talk to our NATO Allies without starting trouble. You are a disgrace to your own country. If you think for one second We, The People, are going to just allow you to embarrass us, you have another thing coming. You are a 70 year old man who tweets constantly. You can either continue your irrational temper tantrums on Twitter or you can delete your account, resign, and go live under a rock. 

Donald Trump was voted by the deplorables. The people who disagree with every basic human right(sounds a lot like Tomi Lahren) are the supporters of Donald Trump. The Peanut Gallery is what they represent. All his supporters are going through ‘buyer’s remorse’. They were too dumb to know that this clown was lying, that they got scared over those emails. Now that they are at risk of losing their insurance, they are now regretting voting for him. I don’t feel sorry for them. They were the one’s who claimed that Trump was a “savior sent from God” and all this other garbage. They said that Trump was going to be great. They said that Russia had nothing to do with the Election. They said that Muslims and Illegal Immigrants were Murderers, Rapists, and Terrorists. The reality is that they are in denial. For starters, his base supporters are Racist Extremists. They never think of Domestic Terrorism. 

Domestic Terrorism, in the simplest definition, is Terrorism from the inside. A great example of it is Dylan Roof. He was the  Charleston Church Shooter. He didn’t feel any remorse when he killed 12 African American church goers. Just pure hate on the African American Community. Another Example of Domestic Terrorism is the Portland Killer. The Trump Supporter who attacked a Muslim with a knife. The one who probably called her a terrorist. These are the real terrorist. Not the millions of Muslims. Not the Illegal Immigrants who have no criminal background. The real Terrorists are the ones who murder people due to their hate. Then there those who use their religion to justify it.

DO NOT USE YOUR RELIGION TO JUSTIFY YOUR HATE OF ANOTHER!! Before some of my readers get upset, I just want to say that everyone can believe in their own religion. It just crosses the line when there are some that use their hate “in the name of the bible”. One of the problems that I have with Trump supporters are that some claim to be extremely religious, aka Evalangicals. Some of them are the ones who hate people for being homosexual. They use the bible as a defense to attack other religions. Before they attack Muslims, they need to know this:  The real reason you have a problem with them is because they actually believe in their God. If these do called “Evalangicals” that voted for Trump were religious, they would have seen a snake in an orange mask. They can’t say Trump is very religious. He has been married three times, lies constantly, sources say he has raped someone, etc. 

The problem is that those people who voted for Trump have dug themselves into a hole that they are unable to get out of. They were too ignorant to see the lies. They believed a billionaire, with no political experience, could “Make America Great Again. They believed that he could “Drain The Swamp”. Well if you ask me, the swamp needs to be drained. By swamp I mean Trump’s Administration.

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