What I Define as a Failed System

When I think of a Failed system, I think of a Country that has hit rock bottom.  I define a failed system by the following:

  • Weak Leadership
  • Corruption
  • Country engulfed in wars
  • Coup’s
  • Poor
  • Starvation

Now America is a great Country because we have our Amendments. But America is also weak when it comes to Leadership and Priority. A great example: Military Veterans are not being helped. Some are homeless. While we are starting unecessary wars with irrational countries, there are Veterans suffering. They served their country and the thanks they get is to be treated like trash? The Leadership of America is crumbling by the day. Donald Trump is a few steps away from impeachment and the Democratic Establishment is suggesting that we don’t call for impeachment. Now I can see where the double standard plays a role. Whybat the start of Donald Trump’s reign of stupidity, were you so eager to get him impeached? Why are you now getting scared and saying not to impeach him? 
Donald Trump deserves to be questioned on his Twitter usage, Tax Returns, and his Moral Background. This is a monster in the White House. This is the face of the Republican Party. This is who Republicans really are. Greedy, lying, con men. They have made Donald Trump look good with the way he lies, the way he disrespects, and the way he treats people. They are the ones who want 23 Million more americans to go without Health Insurance. I will never be a Republican because I am not a fan of letting this happen. I will never be a Republican because I am not filthy rich. 

The one thing that has bothered me the most is this: Minimum Wage. As a way to make extra money,  a friend of mine works at a Fast Food place. They get paid $7.25/hr. Now most people will say that fast food employees don’t need to make more but I beg to differ. First off, some of the workers have children. So a $7.25/hr job isn’t going to cut it. It takes more than that to live in their state. The bosses expect them to do things quickly. That’s near impossible when theybare always understaffed. The corporations make thousands of dollars an hour and the employees make 7.25/hr. That’s honestly not right. The one thing that really upsetbmy friend, and I quote, 

“We work as best as we can. The managers claim that we get benefits but that’s for full-time workers. If we ask for full-time, they say no.”

The fact that many businesses can lie to their employees is just appalling. They can’t get enough workers so they have to false advertise. 

A failed system is Capitalism. The workers work but get paid unfairly. The rich get richer. I am running on a higher wage platform. I want to see Corporations pay employees more. 

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